• Geist Patrol officers are members of the Community – They will become ingrained in the fabric of your neighborhoods.
  • All Officers Have Police Powers – Every officer responding to your needs can take law enforcement action if necessary. Other security companies may respond with security officers without police powers. If law enforcement action is needed, there will be a significant delay.
  • 24 Hour Proactive Patrol – Our officers are actively patrolling your neighborhood looking for criminal activity and responding to the resident’s needs.
  • All Cars Available Directly by Phone – Dial our officers direct, you will be speaking directly to the officer who will be helping you, or dial 911 for fire and medical emergencies. With other companies, including most law enforcement agencies, you will be speaking to a civilian dispatcher. This reduces response time and assures the officer knows your exact needs.
  • Never an Additional Charge for Home Checks – Our home checks are always included in your service without charge, regardless of length of time.
  • No Hidden Charges – Other companies provide a basic service at an attractive price, but have many charges for additional services.
  • Interactive Website – We cater specifically to your community, including real time alerts, Q&A forum, and important public safety portals.
  • Monthly Reports – We will provide monthly activity reports and attend all board meetings.