Our Services

Take a look at all of the services Geist Patrol offers.

Neighborhood Patrol

Geist Patrol provides pro-active safety patrols to client neighborhoods 24 hours a day, 7 days a  week. A patrol includes driving every street, cul-de-sac and common area in the neighborhood.

Trained Officers

Geist Patrol Officers are certified law enforcement officers trained to handle law enforcement  issues. These highly trained officers are available to meet the needs of every resident.

Interactive Resident Portal

Residents can now submit vacation and home check requests, report a tip for suspicious neighborhood activity, submit feedback, and request additional services through our new Resident Portal.

Home Checks

Geist Patrol will perform unattended home or vacation checks of your home while you are away. This means our officers will physically check the exterior of your home daily while you are gone.

24/7 Availability

Our officers are always available directly by phone. When you dial our officers, you will speak directly to the officer helping you (or dial 911 for in-progress emergencies); this reduces response time and ensures the officer knows your exact needs. With other companies, including most law enforcement agencies, you will be speaking to a civilian dispatcher.

Safety Equipment

Our cars have trauma kits, lockout kits, first aid packs, Narcan, and defibrillators for quick on site help. Our cars also include jump-start packs to help residents with dead car batteries.

Rapid Response Time

Geist Patrol Officers are always in the area and try to maintain a goal of a 5-minute response time to your calls for service. To help reach that goal, there are always multiple officers patrolling the area.

Contact Stickers & Magnets

Geist Patrol provides a sticker and magnet containing our important phone numbers that can be placed near your phone or on refrigerator should you ever need to contact us.

A Point of Contact

Geist Patrol officers can be used as a point of contact for other neighborhood services such as determining when to begin snow removal.

We offer many additional services. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us!

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